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Time for some baking!

Ooo my first baking post!  Can’t believe it has taken me so long.  As you will learn in the near future I have become something of a family/friends designated cake maker so whenever there is a birthday/anniversary/whatever the occasion may be, it’s time for me to make cake!

And this week is one of those occasions.  Not only am I busy making my niece’s 3rd birthday cake ready for the weekend, but a good friend at work is also leaving. So tonight I’ve been baking red velvet cupcakes 🙂

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Molecular gastronomy…one step too far?

I often find myself completely fascinated by food.  Every time I discover a new ingredient or a new way of cooking I am filled with excitement and can’t wait to try it out myself. However, that wasn’t always the case.  Coming from a very traditional English family, the type that orders ‘mushroom foo yung’ from the Chinese take away and think they’re being exotic, I was a bit of a late developer.  It wasn’t until I had to fend for myself at university that I started experimenting with new tastes and flavours.  I was suddenly faced with a whole load of new options outside of the meat and veg I had grown up on.

Nowadays, I’ll pretty much give anything a try (within reason)!  But reading about a new concept in molecular gastronomy in this morning’s metro has made me wonder if this is science and food gone too far.

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Spiders, ghosts and prepacked sandwiches

Some people have a fear of heights or spiders.  As irrational as it may be, one of my fears is prepacked sandwiches.  The smell, the taste, the whole concept grosses me out.

Now I know that most food outlets claim they are made fresh on the premises that day, and I’m sure in most places the ingrediants are fresh and so on and so forth, but the whole idea of them makes me cringe!  Even if they have been made “fresh that day”, if they were made at 6am before said food outlet opens for business, its still been sitting there for 7 hours by the time I eat it and in the back of my mind I’m thinking who made this and when and even where?  I like to know that my food has been freshly prepared.

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The Novelli Academy – Faster Pasta course

Last month I attended my first ever cooking course at The Novelli Academy in Hertfordshire.  I’d wanted to go on a course for a long time and stumbled across the academy.  My decision to go here was largely because it’s reasonably local to me and I’m also a fan of Jean Christophe.  They have a large selection of courses covering everything from African cuisine to French patisserie, I struggled to choose which one to go on as there were so many I was interested in but settled on the Faster Pasta course because of my love of Italian cuisine.

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Today I mostly want to be…Gwyneth Paltrow

So most women would be satisfied after winning an oscar and being a Hollywood superstar but not Gwynnie.  She wants to take over the world!

Her CV reads like a check list of my dream world! Put aside for a moment that she’s not bad looking and was once engaged to Brad Pitt, before the age of 40 she has:

  • Starred in multiple blockbuster movies
  • Won an oscar
  • Is an ambassador for several charities
  • Married a rock (in the loosest sense of the word) star
  • Had 2 children
  • Had a cameo appearance in Glee

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So here we go!

For a long time I have talked about starting my own blog. I read a lot of blogs and have met lots of bloggers over the last few years and always thought ‘that looks fun, I should do it!’

So I spent a lot of time deciding on what exactly my blog should be about, What is my niche? But then I thought, what the hell, write about what you love and just enjoy it!

So here we go, here you will find my ramblings about all things food, cooking and from time to time anything else I want to give my two penneth about! Hope you enjoy