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I’m eating it for my health….Honest!

So I was skimming through the headlines this morning as usual when I came across a story on the beeb that cheered up my post bank holiday blues mood.

BBC News reports that scientists have found that eating high levels of chocolate could reduce the risk of heart disease and strokes!  The news I’ve been waiting for!  I can finally justify my afternoon chocolate fix and eat it guilt free 🙂

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Gordon Ramsay's Strawberry Tart
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Recipe test: Gordon Ramsay’s Strawberry Tart

My brother had a Birthday this week and this weekend, him and his family came over for a Birthday meal.  I wanted to make something in advance for dessert that was reasonably simple but looked great to.  I had a flick through some of my cook books and settled on Gordon Ramsay‘s Strawberry Tart from his book ‘Great British Pub Food

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Sharpham Park artisan pasta
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Cookbook and product review: Gino’s Pasta and Sharpham Park Artisan Pasta

I was recently sent a new pasta product from Sharpham Park to try out and it gave me the perfect opportunity to finally try a recipe from Gino D’acampo’s ‘Gino’s Pasta’ book.

As any regular reader will know, I’m a big pasta fan and have been making a lot of fresh pasta recently.  I was a bit unsure about this product as it is made from spelt – an alternative to regular grains and suitable for people with a wheat intolerance.  Not knowing much about spelt I wasn’t sure what to expect, but reading up, spelt is reported to have certain health benefits and is also a superfood.  I used the Spelt Campanelle Artisan Pasta. It cooks in 7 mins, a little quicker than conventional dried pasta and it also looked really pretty too 🙂

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Patrick Cox's 'Pop Cake'
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Review: Cox cookies and cake

Last week, I came across a fabulous cookbook – Cox cookies and cake.  It’s a great looking book and it caught my eye because of its unique cupcake designs.  The book is actually from fashion designer Patrick Cox and features recipes from his cupcake range.  Making the move from fashion to baking is obviously an interesting one so upon discovering that his cupcake store was just round the corner from the office I had to pay them a visit!

Patrick Cox's 'Pop Cake'

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Recipe test: Raspberry and Yoghurt Cheesecake

On the baking agenda today was a Raspberry and Yoghurt Cheesecake courtesy of Stylist Magazine

The recipe comes from the book French Kitchen by Serge Dansereau and was published in the magazine a couple a weeks ago.  I tore it out and added it to my pile of recipes to try (the ever expanding pile that is!) but finally got round to it this morning.

Raspberry and yoghurt cheesecake

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These are a few of my favourite things

Like any cooking fanatic, I have a bit of a kitchen shopping fetish (as well as a hand bag and stationary shopping fetish!) and here are my top 5 gadgets I couldn’t live without!

1. Set of knives

I have been using the wrong knifes for years and I don’t think you ever realise what a difference it makes until you actually use some good quality knives.  I bought my first proper set of knives about 3 months ago and now use them daily.  I shopped around for the right set – reading lots of online reviews but the best advice I was given was to actually get a feel for them.  You have to feel comfortable with the grip and weight of the knife – it makes a huge difference.  I bought 4 knives from the Robert Welch signature range from John Lewis.  You can buy a set but I just opted for those I thought I would use most often is the 18cm Cooks knife.  It took me a while before I stopped slicing my fingers, but now I’ve got used to them they are ace!

Robert Welch knives

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Cookbook review: Bake by Rachel Allen

So this book is by no means new but I’m hoping over the next few months to make my way through my many cookbooks and review some of them here on the blog.  So, following my urge to get baking this afternoon, the first of my reviews is Rachel Allen‘s Bake.

Bake by Rachel Allen

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