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Fitness Diary: Where we are now

So with the long break in blogging it’s been a while since I did a diary update.  Things have moved on quite a bit since I last posted so thought I’d start with a little stat update from last year and some highlights for what’s in store for 2015.  I did end up taking about 3 months out with an injury from May – July but since August I seem to have found my mojo from somewhere and am loving it!

2014 achievements

  • Completed 3 x 5k events, each one a little faster.
  • Ran 1 x Santa dash
  • Ran approx 241 miles (70 of those were in October)
  • 5k PB 29.46
  • Furthest distance: 10.5 miles
  • Was voted runner of the month at my running club in November 🙂

2015 goals and whats to come

  • Run 700 miles minimum – hoping to beat this, it’s a little under 60 per month (So far, 4 days in and I’ve done 17)
  • Complete 12 events – to date I’ve booked 5 x 10k, 1 x half marathon
  • Finish 10k in under an hour
  • Complete at least a 15 mile distance
  • Trail running – make the most of all the lovely routes we have locally. I’ve done a few trails this week and actually really enjoyed them (and the mud).  Looking forward to the spring and better weather to do more!
  • PB’s – lots of them at all distances!
  • Push myself to achieve but remember its all about having fun too!

I’m really looking forward to smashing all of the above!

2014 running
2014 running

Happy running

D x

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