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Fitness Diary: First week training progress

week 1


I’ve been super excited to start my training plan and one week in all seems to be going well. ¬†I managed to stick to the plan pretty well aside from a few extra miles here and there ūüėČ

This week’s plan was three runs totalling 16.5 miles plus a hill training session, ¬†not too big an increase in mileage from what I have done previously. ¬†Generally, all the runs went pretty well, the best one being today’s 7.5 miles. ¬†I had planned to do an early run with some other members of the club this morning but a bought of insomnia and around four hours sleep meant I decided to get a few extra z’s and head out by myself this afternoon.

I don’t normally run with music, usually¬†because I’m chatting or I like to be able to hear the traffic or anyone creeping up behind me (!), plus I find cables really annoying, but as today was a bit of a longer run I thought I’d try out the wireless headphones I got a while ago.¬†To try and distract me from the running, I created a playlist of random songs that I love to sing along to and it seemed to work really well! ¬†I ran with a smile on my face for a big portion of the run, I didn’t look at my Garmin and just enjoyed the music. ¬†The 7.5 miles went pretty quickly and I managed to maintain a pretty good pace.

As I mentioned last week, along with the training plan, the other thing I’ve been trialling this week is Headspace, a mindfulness app, kind of like a guided meditation. ¬†There are some good theories on how you can apply the process of mindfulness to running that I found really interesting (there’s a good article on The Huffington Post). ¬†I must admit, with the increase running, I have found it difficult to find the time to do it. ¬†I know that it’s possible but I think this last week I was so focussed on the training plan and got a little distracted. ¬†I will make more of an effort to do it this week as it’s something I’m really interested in.

Whilst it hasn’t effected my running as such, I have suffered this week with very sore, tight calves. ¬†I tried some yoga which actually seemed to aggravate them more than loosen them. ¬†So I posted in my favourite running group on facebook, Running the World¬†to ask for some tips and advice from other runners and got lots of good tips to try, one being a foam roller. ¬†Today I ordered this beast and will look forward to torturing myself with it when it arrives.

And after much deliberation, I decided this week to take the opportunity to raise some money for charity this year by deciding to run my first half marathon in May for The British Heart Foundation. ¬†I set up my Just Giving page on Friday and within a couple of hours, I’d had 9 sponsors getting me to 15% of my ¬£500 target! ¬†I really was overwhelmed by the support ūüôā ¬†If you want to check it out and donate to this very worthy charity, you can find my page at¬†

2015 mileage to date: 102.96

Miles to go to hit target: 597.04

Happy running

D x


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Healthy lifestyle vs fad diets? What’s your view?



As we all know, the news is full of the latest ‘death trap’ food that we mustn’t eat but what do we really think the definition is of healthy eating?

We live in a society which is obsessed with food. ¬†I’m constantly hearing conversations about why sugar is the root of all evil, why carbs are a no-no or why we should liquify our food in a juicer because it’s good for us. Funnily enough these conversations are often had by the same people who binge drink every weekend and smoke 20 a day. But does any of it all really make a difference?

I would by no means class myself as a healthy eater. ¬†I like chocolate a little too much, ¬†I only eat about 3 portions of fruit/veg a day and I have been known to have the odd Macca’s here and there. ¬†However, I always eat a healthy dinner, you can count the number of times I order chinese/pizza/indian/whatever takeaway a year on one hand and I drink a lot less than the average person my age. ¬†Thankfully, I never have to go to the doctors (I actually avoid it at all costs) and aside from the odd cold I’m rarely ill.

I run 15-20 miles a week so don’t need to diet to stay in shape so why shouldn’t¬†I eat a little bit of everything I like? ¬†Yes, I probably should make an effort to eat a bit more fruit or veg but I have a healthy emotional relationship with food. ¬†So easily people become so obsessed with what they should and shouldn’t eat, personally I find it exhausting!

So I guess my question is, is it best to live an active lifestyle with a little bit of everything you enjoy or should we be questioning every little thing that passes our lips?

D x


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Fitness diary: And so it begins!



This week sees an important milestone in my running journey.  I will be embarking on my first proper training plan since completing couch to 5k last year.  The goal of the training plan is to get me to half marathon distance in 12 weeks time with a target time of under 2 hours 15 mins.

I’ve been feeling everything from excitement to self doubt in the lead up to it. ¬†Touch wood, I’ve been injury free since September but I am nervous about increasing the miles and pushing myself, but I am super curious about what I can push my body to achieve.

I am quite hard on myself, I take bad runs badly so a big part of getting through the next 12 weeks will be dealing with the psychological challenges as well as the physical ones.  With that in mind, I recently downloaded the Headspace app.  It was recommended to me by a work colleague after a conversation we had as I had been reading lots about mindfulness and its benefits.  There was also a great letter in Running Fitness magazine last month about how you can apply the theories of mindfulness to race days by mentally accepting things that may not be going quite to plan (such as pain) and how to train the mind to deal with it.

So here goes ūüôā ¬†I have all the tools I need to do this so nothing is stopping me! ¬†I’m sure it’s going to be a bumpy journey along the way but here’s hoping I come out the other side with a huge sense of achievement, a few lessons learnt and some nice shiny bling ūüôā

Races booked so far this year (target is 12): MK festival of running 10k, Leighton Buzzard 10k, Flitwick 10k, MK Half Marathon, BUPA London 10k, Whipsnade Stampede & Royal Parks Half Marathon.

2015 mileage to date: 80.63

Miles to go to hit target: 619.37

Happy running

D x