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parkrun #32 Aylesbury

I continued in my quest to find my running mojo through parkrun tourism last weekend at Aylesbury. It’s pretty local to me and I’d heard it was a fast course so was feeling pretty good about it.  Two of our little tourist crew were away so it was just me and P this week, he’d been training for a marathon the next day so offered to run with me. It was a very cold morning but the sun was shining down on us.

I hate that feeling of holding people back so wasn’t keen on the idea but he stuck with me for most of the first mile until I nagged him to ‘bugger off’ and he went and did his own thing. It was a pretty busy course, about 250 runners and the first section is on quite a narrow path so difficult to get spaced out until a few 100 meters in.  The course is a lollipop, something I hadn’t done before so despite a few runner friends commenting that it was a boring one, I actually quite liked it! There were a couple of bridges along the route which broke it up nicely and some wonderful marshals including a young addition who’s made a sign to cheer us on.  A very well organised parkrun and great team.

I didn’t pay too much attention to the watch this time and tried my best to run on feel.  P had obviously set me off on a reasonably good pace and it all must have come together on the day because it’s the first run I’ve done in a very long time which hasn’t involved a walk break! I ran the whole thing, even had negative splits and ran the fastest 5k I’ve done for AGES – a sub 30!! Was very, very pleased with that!

The rest of my running week hasn’t quite gone as smoothly, a club run on Tuesday night in the 10 min mile group was a big fat fail as my legs felt like lead and I cut it short at 3 miles rather than carrying on for 5.  I knew when I left the house I wasn’t feeling up to it so maybe it was psychological or maybe I should just listen to my body more.

Anyway, tomorrow brings another tourist run, something new that will hopefully make it exciting enough to kick that mojo into gear and a one lapper this time with the whole tourist crew and a special guest appearance from G! Hurrah!

Happy running

D x

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