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parkrun #33 Wimpole Estate

Last week saw us head a little further afield on the outskirts of Cambridge to the Wimpole Estate for our first National Trust parkrun. The full tourist crew were together again and we even had a friend join us so spirits were high as we all set off on a chilly morning.

The Wimpole Estate, once owned by the daughter of Rudyard Kipling, offers a beautiful setting for a challenging run. Starting not far from the Grade I listed mansion house, the route passes through farmland and is predominantly on grass with some nice undulations along the way. There are plenty of views to keep you occupied and even some HUGE cows and sheep to say hello to. One giant, horned beast in particular decided to get a little too close for my comfort along the way which led to much squealing and arm holding with C as she protected me from the scary looking monster!

One thing I did notice with this parkrun was that there was an added loop for runners with dogs – I thought initially to avoid cattle but that was on part of the course where there was no cattle so not entirely sure what it was for…? If anyone knows the answer then please do let me know in the comments.

About halfway there is a bit of a killer hill – most of the people were walking it by the time I got there (myself included), however it is short and sharp rather than long so I was back to it once we hit the top. There is also a gravel drive towards the end in front of the house which is quite tough on the legs. Not surprisingly, I was slower than last week because of the hills and grass but all things considered, it was a lovely event, with a beautiful scenic route.  A lovely course to do in autumn as I’m sure it would also be all year round.

Top of the hill – Wimpole parkrun

Next week is our home parkrun’s 3rd Birthday so we are staying local but will be back for tourist fun the week after.

Stat update:

Total no. of parkruns: 33

Total tourism to date: 9

2018 pb: 29.41 (Aylesbury)

D x

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