I’m Debbie and thanks for stopping by my blog.  I’m not going to lie, I’ve tried this blogging thing a few times now and this is now my third time getting up and running – I’m hoping third time lucky now I have a bit more time on my hands 🙂

I launched this blog originally as a food blog (Regina Della Cucina) in 2011 following a period of travel where I was inspired by all the lovely food I encountered around the world. As life moved on, my interests changed and I became a keen runner so began blogging about that. Now, in 2018 I’m starting again, still with an interest in food and fitness but now just blogging about my life and interests more generally.

So what’s changed?

Well a new name – Debolula’s Diary! Debolula is the nickname give to me by my uni housemates and it’s kind of stuck around. I’m now a dog owner, a black cockapoo named Sven – you’ll get to hear lots about him. I still live in the same market town in Bedfordshire but now with my boyfriend 🙂 and I’m now freelancing, trying my best to discover what I’m passionate about.

So finger’s crossed, you’ll be hearing lots more from me!

Debolula x