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Project: Up-cycled checkerboard table

So I bought this table in Ikea a while ago thinking it would come in handy for when my nieces are over to play or eat at and the grey colour fit nicely in the newly decorated hallway.  I knew when I bought it that I wanted to do something to it to up-cycle it.  Now I know this isn’t the true essence of up-cycling, it was a new piece of furniture rather than something old or second hand but I thought it would be an easy project to ease myself into the concept.  I have lots of ideas for other projects further down the line too so watch this space!

What you will need:

  • Ikea ‘Lack’ table – prices are between £5 and £10 depending on which finish you go for
  • White vinyl
  • A cutting machine – I used a Cricut Mini. You can use scissors but need a very precise hand 🙂
  • Tape measure

Firstly, I decided to go for a checkerboard design keeping it relatively simple for my first attempt. I measured the table and worked out what size my squares needed to be to make an even pattern.

Checkerboard table

Then, I used my Cricut Mini to cut squares and triangles the right size for my design.

IMG_3891 IMG_3892 IMG_3889

I started the design by sticking a row of triangles onto the edge of the table, followed by the squares.

Checkerboard table

I continued the design until the whole table was covered and this was the result 🙂

IMG_3893 Checkerboard table

This was a pretty quick and easy project and you could do which ever design you wanted.  There are tonnes of images available on the Cricut Mini so you could put pretty much ay design you wanted to on there from Disney for the kids to snowflakes for Christmas or pumpkins for Halloween.

The good thing about using vinyl is that its quite easy to remove so if you get bored of the design after a while, take it off and do something else 🙂

Happy creating!

D x

Getting creative

Top 5: Homemade Mother’s Day gifts

Big reminder that Mother’s Day is this weekend! If like me you’ve exhausted the flowers, chocolates and cliche gifts over the years and are looking for something a little different for your special Mum then why not get personal and make your own gift?

There’s still plenty of time to get creative, you maybe surprised at how quickly you can knock something up from a few things you probably already have lying around the house.  Here are my top 5 quick and easy gift ideas for Mother’s day.

1. A Year in a Box

I’ve made a couple of these now for Christmas presents for my mum and she loves them!  They are pretty simple and all you need is some family photos, card stock and a bit of imagination!  You can find a fantastic step by step tutorial over at Glitter Adventure.

Photo box

2. Photo Coasters

You may have spotted a bit of theme here – I do love a photo gift!  Here are some coasters I made this Christmas with pictures of trips that Mother and I have taken together over the last few years.


All you need to make them is:

  • Some 10cm x 10cm ceramic wall tiles (You can normally pick some up quite cheaply in Homebase or B&Q)
  • Photos
  • Black acrylic paint
  • Mod Podge
  • Clear acrylic coating spray
  • Felt
  • Hot glue gun

1. Paint the edges of the tiles and a boarder around 1 cm thick on each tile.  Allow to dry.

2. Cut the images to size and stick them to the tiles using Mod Podge. Once the glue has dried, paint 2 layers of Mod Podge over the photo allow each layer to dry in between.

3. Once the glue has dried, spray the tiles with the coating spray to make them water tight.

4. Cut the felt to size and glue to the back of the coasters with the hot glue.

And thats it! You could even use the same technique on a vase or flower pot.

3. Cupcake Bouquet

I made one of these as a Mother’s Day treat a few years ago – whats not to love, cake and flowers all rolled into one 🙂

Cupcake bouquet

Simply make your favourite cupcakes and pipe a rose technique on the top.  Place a piece of oasis in the bottom of a flowerpot and arrange the cupcakes with cocktail sticks.  It can help to have two different size cupcakes to get a better arrangement.

4. Homemade Mug

I think a good cup of tea is probably tops most Mum’s lists of favourite things so why not give them their own personalised mug designed specially by you?  Sharpies are a great invention for many reasons but one of them is you can draw with them on ceramics, bake it in the oven and it doesn’t wash off!  There are hundreds of great ideas on Pinterest to get you started.

5. Family Wall Art

Create something bespoke for your mum that you’ll know she’ll love.  This could be a photo montage of you and your siblings, a painting of your family tree or even a meaningful quote.  Again, check out Pinterest – there are some great examples of ones I found below.

butterflies hands quote tree

If you are still stuck for ideas, check out my Mother’s Day Pinterest board


D x
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