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Fitness Diary: Two months to go and counting!

never easy

I’ve now just come to the end of my third week of training and so far, all seems to be going well.  I haven’t missed a training session yet despite work being really busy and trying to fit in some social events around the 4 runs a week which I’m very proud of 🙂  I even did 4 miles before meeting friends for dinner and drinks on Friday evening!

I had a really good speed work session on Thursday and have been feeling really strong this week. Today I did my furthest distance so far, 8 miles, which finally takes me over the half way mark distance wise.  Apart from a strong headwind during the first uphill climb, the rest of the run went pretty well. The last mile I did feel my energy drop significantly so I decided to post online and discuss with my fellow club runners about refuelling.  It’s not something I had considered for a half marathon distance but following the mixed feedback I might experiment with a few things on some of my longer training runs.

I have my first race of the year next Sunday!  I’ve been dying to get out and do an event so very excited to be doing the 10k at MK festival of running, even if the did completely mess up on the numbers (can you spot the error?).










I’m also looking forward to getting my first bling of 2015! Wish me luck!

2015 mileage to date: 145.31

Miles to go to hit target: 554.69

Happy running

D x

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Once again…..I’m back!

So it’s a new year and as always, it got me thinking about what my achievements were last year and things I wanted to improve on this year and obviously, I have neglected this here blog once again.  So here I am, apologising for my lack of posts and making a promise to make more of an effort to update it this year.

To bring you up to speed, it has been a busy six months!  I’m running more than ever before after coming back from an ankle injury that knocked me out for two months, I’ve had family visiting from Australia for most of the summer and then there was the arrival of my beautiful little nephew.

But this post isn’t really about what you’ve missed, it’s about what there is to come.  There are lots of personal goals I have set myself for this year.  I don’t believe in resolutions but I do believe in always having something to aim for so here is what 2015 will hopefully have in store for me:

Running Goals

1. Run at least 700 miles this year (3 days in and I’m currently at 9.5 so not a bad start)

2. Complete 12 races (5 booked including 4 10k’s and my first half marathon eek)

3. Finish 10k in less then 1hr

General Goals

1. Write a minimum of one blog post a week

2. Cook one new dish every month

3. Be ‘bikini ready’ for Christmas in Australia


Happy New Year!


try harder


So here we go!

For a long time I have talked about starting my own blog. I read a lot of blogs and have met lots of bloggers over the last few years and always thought ‘that looks fun, I should do it!’

So I spent a lot of time deciding on what exactly my blog should be about, What is my niche? But then I thought, what the hell, write about what you love and just enjoy it!

So here we go, here you will find my ramblings about all things food, cooking and from time to time anything else I want to give my two penneth about! Hope you enjoy