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Cookbook and product review: Gino’s Pasta and Sharpham Park Artisan Pasta

I was recently sent a new pasta product from Sharpham Park to try out and it gave me the perfect opportunity to finally try a recipe from Gino D’acampo’s ‘Gino’s Pasta’ book.

As any regular reader will know, I’m a big pasta fan and have been making a lot of fresh pasta recently.  I was a bit unsure about this product as it is made from spelt – an alternative to regular grains and suitable for people with a wheat intolerance.  Not knowing much about spelt I wasn’t sure what to expect, but reading up, spelt is reported to have certain health benefits and is also a superfood.  I used the Spelt Campanelle Artisan Pasta. It cooks in 7 mins, a little quicker than conventional dried pasta and it also looked really pretty too 🙂

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