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Fitness Diary: The highs and the lows

It’s been a while since my last diary post and a lot has happened in the last two weeks!

At the end of March I completed my Sport Relief three miles and raised a final total of £267.40. Thanks so much to all who sponsored me and to the family who came down on the day to cheer me on. It may have only been 5k but it was tough! A new course, first morning run and it was pretty warm too. I didn’t get the best time but I did it and was really proud of myself. I even got my first bling!



I learnt a few things from that run.  Firstly, running in the evening and running in the morning is different.  My body is not used to running in the morning – must fix that.  Secondly, the crowds do help encourage you to carry on – even when you feel like you are about to pass out across the finish line, you do it with a smile on your face because they are cheering you on.

I’ve done a few 5k’s since then including the big one – my graduation run from the couch to 5k programme.  Last Tuesday us newbies went to ‘big school’ and joined the Leighton Fun Runner club night for our first run with the club members, and it did very much feel like your first day at a new school!  All the older (more fit) kids scoping out the newbies and vice versa.  We all huddled in a corner and tried not to look out of place surrounded by a sea of well tuned runners in club uniform.  We all headed out together to do our graduation 5k, there must have been about 100 runners in total.  Us newbies headed off first – not sure how long the big guys waited before they chased us down but I managed to hit about the 3.5k mark before they all started flying passed me.  They were great though – offered words of encouragement one even shouted “Love your blog” as he zoomed by!  But it must have spurred me on because that night I smashed over a minute off my best 5k time!   Still a way off my target of under 30 mins but I am getting there 🙂

Unfortunately though, after the extreme high of Tuesday night, I came back down to earth with a bit of a bump.  When I got home my ankle was the size of a balloon. I had been feeling some tenderness around the ankle bone but nothing too bad but after putting ice on it that night and still being pretty swollen the next morning I decided it was best to get it checked out.  I didn’t want to see the doctor as they’d just say rest it and then would probably go round in circles before anything actually got dealt with so decided to check out the local physio, Brecon Clinic.  I did try and get a run in on Thursday night but after about 2k I had to throw in the towel.

So I hobbled off to physio on Friday.  I’d never visited a physio before so wasn’t sure what to expect but certainly wasn’t expecting what did happen!  An hour of assessment, poking, pulling, electrocuting, stretching, cracking and god knows what.  But my ankle did feel loads better at the end of it!.  It turns out that I have some hip and foot jouint issues which is causing problems for my tendons, causing the foot to swell.  The physio gave me some exercises to do, told me to ice it twice a day and take ibuprofen and then rest until my next run on Tuesday.  Hopefully it will not hinder my running progress for too long.

I’ve got to admit, I never thought I would say it but I’m really missing running.  I’ve felt great physically and mentally since I started back in January and the last few days have been a real downer 😦  Having to stop has certainly made me realise what a difference it has made to me and I can’t wait to get back to it.  Keep your finger crossed for me for Tuesday!

D x

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Fitness Diary: 5 days to go!

Last night I had a big moment, I ran my first 5k, non-stop with no walking!  Am feeling hugely proud of myself for reaching the first milestone in my running career!  Admittedly I have a lot to do to improve the speed (currently at 34 minutes) but I never would have thought I could have achieved this in just 8 weeks when I started back in January.

When I started I had never really run before and in the first week, I struggled to run for 2 minutes solid!  I still remember the dread on my face when I saw that we had to run for a whole 8 minutes in week 4.  Each week I continued to surprise myself and while it didn’t really get easier, I did manage to push myself that little bit more each week.  I’m now running for 34 mins and even managing a little sprint finish at the end 🙂

Running with other people has made it so much easier, for anyone who is just starting out I highly recommend it as a fab way to stay motivated and meet new people!  I’ve met some fab people during this process and I’m sure we’ll continue to be running buddies now its coming to an end.  I have to give huge thanks to my local club, The Leighton Fun Runners for organising the couch to 5k course – they have been amazing and are a true inspiration!  Even though most of them are running marathons and ultra marathons on a regular basis, they still took the time and patience to train us newbies 🙂

Now I just have 5 days left until my first official race – The Sport Relief 3 miles.  I’m actually really excited about it. A couple of weeks ago I marshalled at our local 10k and most of the time I was thinking – I can’t wait for my first race, and now here it is!  I’d love to get in a good time, I’m not expecting to cross the finish line anywhere near the front, in my eyes, the only person I’m competing against is myself, so if I make any improvement on my best time then I will be over the moon.

So I have a couple more training runs to fit in this week and then thats it!  I have to thank everyone who has sponsored me so far, I’ve raised well over £200 which is another incentive for me to get my butt around that course on Sunday!  Still plenty of time to get your donations in and you can do so on my Sport Relief giving page.

Wish me luck!

D x

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Fitness Diary: Update

So I’m now about to finish week 7 of the couch to 5k programme, am on day 11 of the 30 day squat challenge and have also started the Runtastic sit up challenge.  So my fitness kick is well and truely in progress!  Progress is going well, I can now run comfortably for at least a mile, of and I purchased some new runners this week!  I opted for the Adidas Supernova Glide 6 and took them for a test run last night – so far so good!


I still haven’t really lost any weight but I can definately see my body shape changing and I’m pretty sure it’s not just in my head.  I did try on the dreaded skinny jeans this morning and I’ve still got a way to go though.  But I now have my first target date in the diary, I am running in the Sainsbury’s Sport Relief challenge and doing the 3 mile run.  It’s only two weeks away so I need to put in some hardwork to get there but here’s hoping its a success!

The diet side of my health kick is not going quite so well yet – I’m still to really start 😦  But I am determined that I will do it!  I just love food a little bit too much!  I have tried the 5:2 diet before which was ok and I did loose some weight but don’t think fasting days will be particularly good for the increased amount of exercise I’m doing.  So I think I’m just going to cut out the afternoon chocolate fix and try to generally eat a little healthier.  Any miracle diet suggestions please do let me know!

Well thats about it for this week, if you want to be generous and sponsor me for the Sport Relief 3 miles you can do here.


D x