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New Year, New Gear

Like any girl, I couldn’t resist a trip to the sales this year but times have definitely changed.  This year it wasn’t about LBD’s and bargain sandals, it was all about new running gear!  I have a bit of an addiction to say the least and my running attire is quickly taking over my wardrobe.  There has been a bit of a spree so too many to mention all of them, but here are my top picks.

1. Garmin Forerunner 220









I actually purchased this towards the end of last year so not technically a new year buy, but a key part of my daily running gear now.  Still being fairly new to running, I opted for a mid-range model and it does everything I need it to do, I am a bit of a data addict so love analysing all the stats.  My only complaint is that it can sometimes take a long time to find GPS signal but I tend to switch it on and leave it on the window sill about half hour before I head out to be sure.  I’ve been using the pacing function quite a bit recently to as I’m awful for going out too quick and not having enough left for the end!  A must by for any keen runner.

2. Shoes, Shoes, Shoes!

Nike Zoom New Balance Trails


I was happy with my Adidas runners but I was keen to get a proper gait analysis done to start the year off on the right foot so to speak.  Good sports stores like Sweatshop will carry this out for free and recommend shoes suitable to your foot type. After some scans of my feet, a run on the treadmill and running around the store trying numerous different shoes, I opted for the Nike Zoom.  I have big old man feet and these mens shoes just happened to have a little flash of pink which made them feel a little more feminine.  I’ve recently been talked into a few trail runs with my running club which during the winter months is obviously a slippy-slidey experience, and despite my hatred of mud, I’ve actually been loving it a little bit (shhhhh…don’t tell anyone!).  So that I have a better chance of staying on my feet, I invested in some New Balance trail shoes.  The shape of your foot is less of an issue with trail shoes as you want something that is comfy but that your foot can move around a little bit to cope with rocks/tree roots/rabbit holes etc. Both have been out for a test run and so far so good.

3. High-vis wear

Nike Flash Nike Vapor

I’m totally addicted to high-vis wear at the moment! The more reflective the better which just so happens to be great for all the winter evening running I’ve been doing lately.  I’m a bit of a Nike fan so I love their current range.  The Nike Flash tights look amazing and are super reflective so great for keeping me safe on the roads at night.  I also recently got the Nike Vapor jacket for my birthday (best present ever) which has thin reflective lines woven throughout. You’ll definitely see me coming!

4. Proper running socks

Hilly socks








I’ve been running with just normal socks up to now and they haven’t been too bad but I have noticed that since I’ve been running longer distances, I’ve been getting more blisters and my socks have very often fallen down at the back. The running socks seem to be much more supportive and so far, my feet feel better.

5. Warm layers

Under Armour









It’s always handy to have lots of thin layers during the winter months as the temperature can be a bit unpredictable.  I previously bought an Under Armour jacket which has been fab and I have been wearing it to death so thought it was about time I added another one (and it just so happens to match my new trainers).  It a really comfortable soft touch, stretch fabric – perfect for layering up.

Happy running!